Sunday, December 21, 2008

004- ~Nice Weekend ~

hmm..huh..letihnye tgn nk taip..

nampak aku cam happy je kan?.haha.. mane x nyer..
td aku n Dia ade date..what bygone..rite?
haha..aku dah maafkan we have a date at klcc.

xbuat pe pn..jln2 n tgk wayang je..nak shoping xde duit..hohoho..

kat cni aku nak gtau korang sume..hohoho..
td aku tgk movie YES gle tau..funny..
about a man..with a boring life at 1st..
after he go to a seminar..
he change..
how he change??
g r tgk sndiri..RM11 je ticket...

rsa nak tgk skali ag jer..
a funny love+life Story..

Hero n Heroin...

i recommend u to see this movie..
especily if u have problems in ur love story...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

003 - Luahan HAti~

after all bad things happen to me..i decide to try another way to teach her about respecting others..
let she know n thinking what she have done..

but around 10pm last night..she call first..she look like to apologize..but i said that i cant ignore what happened yesterday..
n then..she start to recall n reblame me of my 10000000-year -ago fault..
malang sunguh aku...
try u can a bad n evil mood..after all happens just about 4haurs past..still hot
she try to tell me that she did'nt did any mistake..n all happened becouse of me..i m starter to all mistake..

dah la wei..

Friday, December 19, 2008

002 - ~my scuk date~

my stomach felling unwell...everyone preparing to solat jumaat..i bz treating my illness stomach..revisit toilet for 999th siot..

im lucky becouse today,pak imam make the rakaah become longer than usually..
after solat..i back to my dorm n take my new shoes..very excited to meet Dia..huhuh..macam stomach should be fully fill..

after makan..nak p kuar r ni..lalu ikut masjid..mak guard yg dibenci oleh sesiapa shj i2 babyfa punyer pasal...bantai jer r..fuh..2nd luck...lepas dgn mudah..Dia dah msg bising2 pasal lambat..

im not late..last night,when i tell her to meet after solat jumaat,she just ok but ni bising2 lak

mase mula2 jumpa kat kl sentral..she look nice with her smile..
geraklah kami ke times square..

mase nak tgk wayang tu la segala2nye start..
on the que..when i ask her to choose a movie to watch..she asyik kira masa je..takut lewat nak g umah pakcik..
aku pn cancel la tgk movie..ajak dia p jln2..masa tu dia dah bad mood..asyk salahkan aku pasal lambat..

eh..aku lambat pasal solat jumaat..bukannye aku wat something wrong..2 pn nak marah..lain la if she tell me early..when i tell her nak jmp after solat jmaat..
if i really2 did the mistake..aku boleh je dah mmg aku x buat salah..
2 pn aku try pujuk..
dah 2 dia lak xhbis2 cakap nak la td salahkan aku sbb lambat n becouse im late we just can meet just kejap je..dah tau jumpa kjap enjoy je ajak balik..bengang gle aku..biar la kjap pn asalkan jumpa..betul x?

aku dah geram gle..xhabis2 ngan keras kpala dia..aku plg x suka lau ble ajak aku jmp ,aku cancelkan smua program aku..member baik aku yg nak fly ajak aku pn aku tolak..dia sng2 je wat g2..wat mcm aku ni sampah..come on la..
tp aku hantar gak dia sampai kl sentral..aku try gak cool kan dia..uoh..sia2 jer..sampai la last 2..aku mmg xdapat tahan..tuhan jer tau..sampai last tu pn dia msh sakitkn hati aku..aku btl2 kechiwa..
aku xpernah dihargai..even awek aku sndiri pn.. i really sure that love n life is connect each other..
what you fell in love,u also feel it in ur life.
aku frust,this is the most dissapointed date..
dissapointed with myself,my love,n my date..

that is not all of today's scuk story of me..i've filted it..
mybe next will be completly post.. see ya~

001 - Story oF 1st Day~

i will start to share my life+love story in this blog.
i need your comments n advices to help me..

im Jusoh(not my real name),
i am a student in The most Islamic University in a BeautiFoool country,malaYsia..
this is my last sem acctually..but my cgpa not good enough to me to apply jpa scholarship..
so sad..(is there outside who want to give me scholar?)

this morning i had a very short n boring class..with the lecturer bz n the number of student just only two...not look like a class...but its ok..becouse the 2nd student is frenz(classmate),harpy like or maybe love her...huuhu3..
i sent him a sms like this(im with my girlfrenz now..alone...huhuhu..dont jelouse..)
hahaa..but he not reply..hmm..

owh..after this, i have a date with babyfa..
to be continue...
stop at 12.03pm~