Friday, December 19, 2008

001 - Story oF 1st Day~

i will start to share my life+love story in this blog.
i need your comments n advices to help me..

im Jusoh(not my real name),
i am a student in The most Islamic University in a BeautiFoool country,malaYsia..
this is my last sem acctually..but my cgpa not good enough to me to apply jpa scholarship..
so sad..(is there outside who want to give me scholar?)

this morning i had a very short n boring class..with the lecturer bz n the number of student just only two...not look like a class...but its ok..becouse the 2nd student is frenz(classmate),harpy like or maybe love her...huuhu3..
i sent him a sms like this(im with my girlfrenz now..alone...huhuhu..dont jelouse..)
hahaa..but he not reply..hmm..

owh..after this, i have a date with babyfa..
to be continue...
stop at 12.03pm~

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